I am a Creative Spirit
My name is Mae Beth Harris. I am definitely a country girl at heart..

"Storytelling – a life's soul, and music, its heartbeat."

About Mae Beth

Mae Beth Harris realized the beginning of her life’s story was being written at the tender age of ten years old. Encouraged by her community in Strawberry Plains Tennessee, Mae Beth soon realized after a lead role in a church musical that singing would be her personal avenue to travel on to tell stories. Singing became the passion of her soul. Mae Beth’s Southern roots have lead her to living, breathing and belting nothing but country music.

Inspired by the raw, Americana encompassing sounds of talents such as Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts and Martina McBride, Mae Beth chooses to sing about daily events that create the Southern Way of living. “I love to tell stories that highlight what makes someone who they are and what makes me what I am. If it’s heartbreak, a song on the radio, a day on the lake, or sitting in a church pew that makes me feel alive, it should be sung about. In the end, our daily adventures create our story and ultimately, create who we are. You have to be vulnerable to reach that level of true musicality.” Vulnerability is key to a good story, and Mae Beth knows that all too well. Without music flowing from the heart, efforts would be seen as completely worthless. This mentality is evident in every note Mae Beth sings.

Mae Beth can credit the heart of her music to her upbringing and southern culture. Her sound comes from letting her personality come alive through her voice. Harris’ tone is commercial, musicality is mature, and her voice is truly compelling.

Although it may seem like she has it all figured out, this 20 year old knows her story is still in progress. “I think that’s part of the adventure,” Mae Beth adds. “Having your story figured out means there’s no more life to be lived or music to make, and I think that all has just begun for me.” Harris’ thoughtful, vibrant, witty music is sure to take you on an adventure in discovering your story that leads you back to the depths of your soul every time.

“My music is sincere. I always want my music to have a sincere voice that tells a story.” In that case, we say, tell on.

If I could say one thing through my music it would be to live everyday with hope and never lose that.